Four Levels Of Riff Raff I Encounter At An Erie Otters Game
Level 1 Riff Raff:
This interaction involves something like: what’s up buddy, or how’s it going? I try to say something to just about everyone, we should all be courtesy enough to acknowledge and say hello when within a close distance to one another.

Level 2 Riff Raff:
This interaction usually receives a one or two sentence small talk moment. I might say something like: Going to be a fun one tonight, or Otters should win this easily tonight.

Level 3 Riff Raff:
This interaction usually lasts for a few minutes. We might talk about how things are going, how cool Erie Highlight Reel is, or a more in depth discussion about sports or the Otters.

Level 4 Riff Raff:
This is the ultimate level of Riff Raff. This is the level my soul is drawn to. These Riff Raff are the Riffiest Riff Raff of all the Riff Raff. These are the Riff Raff that will cause trouble during the game and will encourage the shenanigans you have all grown to love.
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